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Distance & Online Library Basics: Research & Citation Help

Where to Start


For help on how to get started on your research project, visit our 'Learn to Research' guide!  This will help you learn how to build your topic, and then find sources to support your ideas. 


After you have your sources, you can visit our 'Writing and Reading Resources' guide to help you with any writing style, or formatting questions you may have. 


Check on your assignment instructions for the citation style your instructor requires. Below are links to guides and other library resources which will help you with MLA and APA citations and style.  

Get Help from NorQuest Librarians

NorQuest students are able to ask for research or citation help any time in person at the library. You can contact us by:

You can also schedule an appointment for online or in-person help from the Writing Centre if you have more than a couple of questions about citations or any other step in the research process. 

APA Online Session

online apa tutorial

Citing FAQ's - The Basics

Below are some of the most common questions about citations. Click on the question to see the answer. Remember if you have any more questions you can always contact the library!

What is citing? 

What is paraphrasing? 

What is plagiarism? 

What are APA and MLA?  

FAQ's for Citing Online Resources

Citing sources that you find online can be a little different than when you use a book.  We've put some frequently asked questions below.  Simply click on the question to see the answer.

How is citing an online resource different than a book or other print resources? 

What is a DOI? I thought I only needed the URL. 

How do I cite this website if I can't find the author or date? 

How do I cite videos or podcasts that I get online?