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Library Services for Faculty: Liaison Librarians & Contacts

A high level guide that defines library services to NorQuest faculty.

Liaison Librarians

The Liaison Librarian Program has been developed to encourage communication and collaboration, and coordinate services on behalf of faculty, students and staff in college program areas.

Please contact your liaison librarian with library-related questions, requests, or concerns. Our librarians and the departments they are responsible for are listed below.

Program/Service Liaison Librarian
Academic Upgrading Lorisia MacLeod  Instruction Librarian
Accounting Technician Tanya Nguyen  Instruction Librarian
Addiction & Mental Health Recovery Practitioner Liz Fulton-Lyne  Associate Chair, Library Instruction
Administrative Professional Tanya Nguyen  Instruction Librarian
Advanced Education in Orthopaedics for LPNs Leah Townsend  Instruction Librarian
Apprenticeship Prep Lorisia MacLeod  Instruction Librarian
Business Administration Tanya Nguyen  Instruction Librarian
Centre for Growth and Harmony Ngina wa Kaai  Student Engagement Librarian
Community Support Worker Liz Fulton-Lyne  Associate Chair, Library Instruction
Day Home Provider Lorisia MacLeod  Instruction Librarian
Distance and Regional Campus Ngina wa Kaai  Student Engagement Librarian
Early Learning and Child Care Tanya Nguyen Instruction Librarian
ESL Intensive Lorisia MacLeod  Instruction Librarian
Health Care Aide Leah Townsend  Instruction Librarian
Hospital Unit Clerk Tanya Nguyen  Instruction Librarian
International Student Centre Ngina wa Kaai  Student Engagement Librarian
LINC Lorisia MacLeod  Instruction Librarian
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician Tanya Nguyen  Instruction Librarian
Medical Office Assistant Tanya Nguyen  Instruction Librarian
Pharmacy Technician Leah Townsend  Instruction Librarian
Physical Therapy Assistant Leah Townsend  Instruction Librarian
Practical Nurse Leah Townsend  Instruction Librarian
Social Work Liz Fulton-Lyne  Associate Chair, Library Instruction
Student Association Ngina wa Kaai  Student Engagement Librarian
Therapeutic Recreation Leah Townsend  Instruction Librarian
Transitions to Employment Lorisia MacLeod  Instruction Librarian
University Transfer Lorisia MacLeod  Instruction Librarian
Youth in Transition Lorisia MacLeod  Instruction Librarian

Library Contacts

Phone Downtown Library - 780-644-6070 / Westmount Library - 780-644-6709 / toll free 1-866-534-7218


In Person NorQuest Library - NorQuest Library staff wear many hats, but for specific areas of interest, please contact:

Eve Poirier - Head, Library Services

Gisele Ramgoolam - Cataloguing logician

Lucy Wright - Circulation guru & ILL

Kathy Zarft - Team Lead, Library Technologies and Technical Services

Beth Vandenboogaard - Acquisitions and Audio Visual (AV) booking

Rita Jandrey - Westmount Library

Cathy Hergert - Westmount Library