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NorQuest College Human Library: An Inclusion Fusion Event

Tuesday March 19 - Wednesday March 20 , 1-hour sessions
in the Learner Centre

Reserve a human book for a conversation!

Welcome to the NorQuest College Human Library! A Human Library is an event in which people with diverse backgrounds or unique life experiences volunteer to be living books that readers are able to “borrow” for conversation. Borrowing a living book enables the reader to ask questions and learn about an individual’s experience of culture, spirituality, disability, identity, gender—whatever the case may be. Human Libraries are designed to create a safe space for dialogue and to increase our understanding of others’ perspectives and experiences including those affected by stigma and prejudice.

Human Libraries were first staged in 2000 by a Danish youth organization called "Stop the Violence" and have since been organized all over the world. To find out more about this movement for social change, please visit the Human Library Organization website

If you require an interpreter or disability-related accommodation, please email before March 11th to arrange.

Human Library Event

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