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Information Literacy Guide for NorQuest Faculty: Library Instruction

This guide is designed to support NorQuest faculty in the development of students' information literacy skills.

Information Literacy Instruction can Help your Students

Through a blend of services and modes of delivery (face-to-face and online), students have the opportunity to learn about: 

  • library resources;
  • how to formulate a research strategy;
  • how find and choose credible sources;
  • how to use and cite scholarly information;
  • how to avoid plagiarism;
  • and more.

What expertise do NorQuest librarians have?

Librarians at NorQuest Library have a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science. They are experts in the organization, evaluation, and retrieval of information. Their primary responsibility is the development of information literacy skills in students.

Do you have questions about our library instruction program?

We provide instruction for classes (see menu to the right) as well as individuals, by appointment and at the Reference Desk. We are also happy to work with instructors to integrate IL activities and assignments into courses. 

To request a library instruction session submit this form. If you have questions, please contact the Liaison Librarian for your department.

Instruction Menu

The Library Instruction Menu lists topics that can be covered in our library sessions and the approximate time required to cover each topic.

Starting Research - 60 min

How to find and evaluate online sources

  • How to use STAR Evaluation Criteria
  • How do information needs determine what types of sources to use
  • How to use the library catalogue and databases

Research 1 - 60 min

How to evaluate scholarly sources

  • How to use the STAR Evaluation Criteria
  • How do information needs determine what types of sources to use
  • What is the process in research

Research 2 - 60 min

How to choose a topic and use keyword searching

  • How to broaden and narrow a topic
  • How to use keywords for searching
  • How to do advanced searching in the library catalogue and databases

Consult our full menu for more instruction session information: