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Instructor Guide - Proctor U: FAQs

eProctoring Guide for Instructors - Proctor U

How does Proctor U ensure Academic Integrity?

ProctorU uses various tools to ensure a high level of academic integrity is maintained. They use multiple identity verification methods to ensure the test taker is who they say they are, and they use both technology and a live proctor to ensure the test taker and their screen is monitored at all times. Videos of exam sessions are reviewed by both ProctorU and Test Centre staff, should there be flags for potential breach of academic misconduct. Below are some FAQs provided by ProctorU.

What are some of the different ID verification methods you use?

A: ProctorU uses biometrics like facial recognition to make sure the right person is taking each

test. As part of the identity verification process on our platform, a test-taker will take a picture of

their photo ID. Facial recognition software matches the ID to the face of the test-taker to ensure

that it matches. The photo of the ID is stored for 7 days for potential review if there are any

mismatches then deleted. This biometric data is used only for purposes of Identity verification

of the test-taking process.

Similar to the way you use your face to unlock a phone?

A: Exactly. That’s the same type of technology. Depending on the type of test we also can

use keystroke recognition to make sure we match the test-taker’s typing rhythm and speed.

Test-takers are informed about and consent to any biometric collection before their test starts.

This data is used specifically as part of identity verification for the testing process.

That covers the identity of the test-taker. What do you do to make sure the testing

process is fair and test-takers aren’t googling answers or reading them off their palm?

A: Depending on the parameters set by the test-taker or institution, ProctorU can do several

things, all of which are disclosed to the test-taker before the test starts. We can use an

application to lock down access to the internet or other computer files during the test. This

application doesn’t give anyone else access to the test-taker’s computer during the test and it

doesn’t affect the user’s device after the test ends. We also use video and audio recording

during the test. These recordings are monitored in real-time by our technology and proctors to

identify any violations of the institution’s testing parameters. The proctors are also recorded and

are prevented from having any other devices while they are monitoring test-takers, so they can’t

compromise a test’s integrity either.

How does Proctor U protect test taker privacy?

As part of the contract process, ProctorU underwent a full security review by the college's IT department, and a full privacy review by the college's Compliance department. 

Where can I find a copy of the most recent ProctorU privacy policy?


Does ProctorU ever do anything else with the recordings or the student’s


A: No. The information and recordings belongs to the testing institution and ProctorU acts as the 

service provider. ProctorU does not own the data, the institution or organization does. They don’t sell or

otherwise monetize any data from test-takers and never market to test-takers nor allow any

of their service providers to do so.