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Instructor Guide - Proctor U: How do I get my exams ready?

eProctoring Guide for Instructors - Proctor U

Role of Instructor in Exam Process- 2 important steps

1. AT THE BEGINNING OF TERM: Import "Student Guide -Proctor U" into your Moodle course, and communicate to your students 

  • If you are familiar with uploading a research guide from the library website, you will know how to import this guide "Student Guide-Proctor U" found here: If you do not know how to upload a guide, please find instructions and video in the Resources box at the bottom of this page. Please do not provide any other links to the Test Centre website. These are not required and may confuse students.
  • Direct your students to review this guide, as it contains important information. Although materials were created in plain language and include many screenshots, you may want to do a more in-depth tour of this information with your class if you have students with lower levels of digital literacy. 
  • Strongly encourage students to create their ProctorU account as soon as possible. This is important because when they create an account they can test their technology to make sure they have everything required long before exam time. Tech support for students is provided by ProctorU and can be accessed at any stage in the process (setting up their account, booking the exam, taking the exam, etc) 
  • Students with exam accommodations (with the exception of students whose sole accommodation is what was formerly an individual exam accommodation of 1.5x extra time) will NOT be using ProctorU due to incompatibility with assistive technology software. The Test Centre will be contacting these students individually to let them know that they will be writing their exams via BBU (or in-person if required) through the Test Centre instead.

2. AT LEAST 6 WEEKS IN ADVANCE OF YOUR EXAM DATE:  Complete 2 actions below

  •  It is important that you complete these actions in the order they are in, below. You must not move on to the next action until you've completed the first. If you do, it won't be possible to properly process your submission.
  • If your exam is submitted past the 6 week mark, you may need to move the date of your exam to a later date, as we cannot guarantee it will be processed in time. Instructors, the Test Centre, ProctorU, and then the student have roles to play in the process. The 6 weeks lead time gives everyone involved the necessary time to complete their roles.

Action 1: Establish the parameters for your Moodle exam. You do not need to have the content of the exam ready, but the exam parameters must be set. This includes:

  • Start and end dates and times (i.e. exam window students have to take the exam: e.g. Sept 14, 8am to Sept 21st, midnight)
  • Duration of the exam (please ensure you have added 1.5x extra time. e.g. if your exam is 60 minutes, your exam length should be set as 90 minutes, in adherence with the college's new Universal Design exam procedure)
  • Password for the exam (Please do not give out the password to students or change your password after you submit your form to us)
  • The exam must be made available to students in Moodle (unmask the exam)
  • Respondus lockdown browser cannot be active on the course or any exam or quiz within the course.
  • Ensure exam is accessible (please see Accessibility Guide in the Resources box, below)

Action 2: Complete and submit the form found here:  Please ensure all information is completed on the form. If you need help with any of the fields, please contact us at Once we have processed the form, we will email you and let you know that you can tell your students it is ready to book! You will see that we will have placed a link to the exam in your Moodle page (see Resource box below for image of what this looks like). Your students will click on the link to book their exam.


What happens if the student identifies that they don't have the required tech? (e.g. webcam, mic)

Students who lack the required technology should discuss this with their instructor.  E.g. does the student qualify for a college loaner laptop? can the student purchase a webcam? borrow one from friends? If not, the instructor can work with Testing Services to explore other proctoring options (online proctoring through BBU and/or in-person services can be provided, where needed).

What happens after the exam is written? How will I be notified if there is suspected academic misconduct?

  • If ProctorU has flagged any suspicion of academic misconduct during a student's exam, the Test Centre accesses the exam video to review these flags.
  • Following the same processes used in cases of in-person testing, all evidence of suspected academic misconduct will be sent to the instructor. The instructor will be able to access the student's exam session recording via secure sharing in Teams.
  • Note: Turnaround time for the Testing Centre to review flagged exam sessions is 4 business days (M-F). The faculty eProctor Launch working group has determined that this should not prevent instructors from grading exams and posting grades. Please be aware though that if a case of academic misconduct is suspected, you may receive word on this after you have already posted grades for students. If there are any concerns around this please contact Testing Centre Mgr, or your eProctor working group faculty rep. 

Role of Testing Centre

The Testing Centre centrally administers the entirety of the exam process. We act as the bridge between your needs and the vendor, ProctorU. Specifically, once we receive the exam submission form from you, we will process your request by completing the following:

• review your exam in Moodle to verify the parameters you set
• configure each exam according to the information your provided (dates, exam rules, etc)
• notify the vendor upon completion, so that they can do their part to configure the exam
• input student "exam invitation" link directly into your Moodle page and notify you that students can now click on that link to access their ProctorU       account and book their exam.
• provide alternate testing services (BBU or in-person) for students with disabilities who have exam accommodations

Upon exam completion the Test Centre also reviews videos for any potential academic misconduct flags that ProctorU makes. We will follow the same academic misconduct procedure we would in our physical Test Centre.

Role of Student

The student is responsible for preparing for their exam day.

  • Follow instructor advice for setting up their account very early in the term
  • Ensuring they have the proper technology requirements to write the exam, and seeking help far in advance of their exam day should they encounter issues.
  • Booking their exam on time according to dates specified by the instructor
  • If they wish to avoid a convenience fee charged by ProctorU, booking their exam at least 72 hours of the time they intend to write.
  • Logging into their exam early to ensure any last minute technical issues can be resolved, and they are ready to write their test.
  • Following all exam rules as set by ProctorU and the instructor - these rules will be read to them before the exam starts.                                 

Should students have any feedback about their experience, we hope they will share so we can improve services and/or address concerns. We have provided multiple avenues for feedback - they can contact the Testing Centre directly, they can provide feedback directly to ProctorU at the end of the session, and the test centre has developed a survey that can be found on the student guide. We also email students who have used ProctorU, with the link to the survey.


Resource 1: Importing the 'Student Guide- Proctor U'  research guide into your Moodle Course

How to import a research guide instructions are below. For a video version of 'how to' and for more information, please visit

1. In your Moodle course, select the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen. Select “Turn editing on”.
Select “Add an activity or resource” on the bottom right corner of the section for where you want the research guide to be.
For example, if you want the research guide to be under Announcements, select “Add an activity or resource” on the bottom right corner of the Announcements section.
2. Select “External tool”.
3. Select “Add”.
4. Under Activity name, you can input the name of your choice, but we recommended using the name of the guide: Student Guide - ProctorU
5. Select the Preconfigured tool drop down menu.
6. Select “Automatic, based on tool URL”.
7. Paste the following URL into the Tool URL box:
8. Select “Save and display” at the bottom.

Select the activity that you have just created and select “View Content” to access the research guide that you have just uploaded.


Resource 2: Ensuring your Moodle exam is accessible 

See Word document attachment, below.

Resource 3: What the exam link looks like

See Image attachment, below.

How to support students

Students may be anxious about writing their exam online - about the technology that's required and/or about being watched remotely and recorded. 

As partners in assessment, how can we collaboratively support our students to ensure a positive testing experience?

Support offered by ProctorU:

-technical support is offered at any time during the process - from setting up and account to booking and writing the exam

Support offered by Testing Centre:

-student step-by-step how-to guides (including in video format) that walk students through each process - from creating their account to what to do on exam day 

- if a student is still having challenges with any of these steps, we are happy to meet the student online to guide them through. Students can email 

Support suggestions for instructors

-Review basic information with your students - what is eProctor (remote proctoring by ProctorU), what to expect (refer to student guides you have posted in Moodle), and encourage them to create an account as soon as possible. By creating an account, students can check that they have the right technical requirements and get any help as needed well in advance of their exam day!