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The Writing Centre: Book Appointment

A place where students can build their skills and become more confident, independent writers.

Book an appointment!

Call, email, or visit us in-person to book your Writing Centre appointment!

  • Call us at 780-644-5864 or email We'll try to find a time to meet that works for your schedule. You can also ask about Writing Centre appointments at the Library or Tutorial desks in the Learner Centre.

  • When you get in touch, we will want to know what type of assignment you are working on, and what skills you want to learn in your appointment.  

  • Are you an online or regional student?  Appointments can also be conducted online using screen-sharing software!

Don't want to book an appointment? You have other options!

  • Come to the Learner Centre on the 2nd floor of the Singhmar Centre for Learning (Downtown campus) for drop-in help with a writing tutor or a librarian.

About Your Appointment

The Writing Centre is located in the Learner Centre
2nd floor Singhmar Centre for Learning (Downtown Edmonton Campus)

Are you a regional, online, distance, orevening student who can't meet in person?
We will meet you online! Once you book an appointment you will receive additional information on how to log in to your session through an online program. About 10 minutes before the start of your appointment you will receive another email with a link to your session.

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • a copy of the assigment instructions (and due date)
  • the marking guide or rubric - how is your instructor marking you?
  • any notes, ideas, and first drafts
  • any class notes, readings, textbooks, and other materials related to what you are working on
  • specific questions you have!


Please note: it is not possible to work on all aspects of the writing process - from developing a thesis to discussing grammar - in one session. We recommend you come when you start your assignment and book several appointments!

A session is 30 minutes long. Together, we'll take a look at one or two aspects of the writing process. What would you like to learn more about? 

For example:

  • Having trouble finding articles for your research?  We can teach you research strategies that will help you to narrow down your topic and find the information you need to get started.
  • Having trouble getting your ideas down on paper? We can show you how to develop a strong thesis and how to organize an effective paper.
  • Have you completed your writing assignment and want to edit it for grammar? We can show you how to review and edit your paper on your own.
  • We can also help you to review your graded assignments so that you avoid repeating the same mistakes on your next assignment!

Please note: 

Because appointments are focused on helping you build your own skills, we will not:

  • Edit completed papers and/or fix your grammar for you
  • Tell you "what you should write"
  • Plan your paper and do your research for you


You have options! You can come to the Learner Centre on 2nd floor of the Singhmar Centre for Learning (downtown Edmonton campus) for drop-in help at the Library or Tutorial & Academic Coaching Services.

If the drop-in options don't work, please email us at, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you have questions or concerns about your appointment, please contact us:


phone: 780.644.5864 or toll free at 1.866.534.7218

Have you already had an appointment with the Writing Centre?

Tell us what you think by filling in this very brief and anonymous feedback form. Thank you!

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Writing Centre Etiquette

In order to help the Writing Centre run smoothly and allow as many students as possible to get appointments when they need them, please follow these guidelines:

1. Only book appointments you know you will use.

2. Cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance if you can't come.

3. Be on time.

Disclaimer Statement

In order to reduce the number of no-shows and last minute appointment cancellations and to ensure equal access to service for all students, the Writing Centre reserves the right to:

  • Monitor and limit student use of same-day appointment bookings;
  • Restrict or remove student access to service for the remainder of the semester if a pattern of cancellations, “no shows,” and/or excessive bookings emerges;
  • Restrict or remove access to service for the remainder of the semester if a student fails to adhere to the College’s Student Code of Conduct by engaging in disrespectful behavior towards librarians and tutors or other students during appointments.