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Academic Continuity

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People Development, Curriculum Development and the Educational Technology arm of TCS is here to support you to move your teaching and course content online.

Where do I begin?

The Moodle Landing page has all of your Moodle “how to” resources. Under Faculty Resources, and Moodle Help Topics there are multiple resources in PDF and Video format to help you to move your F2F teaching activities to an online environment. Identify the essential course elements that learners must be able to access online. Here is a checklist to guide you:

  • Methods of Communication and Office Hours

Establish a method of communication.

Confirm an Instructor Contact Information block is present in Moodle with appropriate information including virtual office hours.

  • Moodle Presence

Establish an online presence in Moodle by actively posting announcements and updates for the course.

  • Course Outline Online

Ensure a current course outline is available in your Moodle course.

  • Enrolling learners

Ensure you have access to course enrollment.

  • Course Resources and Materials

Post resources and materials in Moodle for online access.

  • Online Options for Face-to-face Class

Identify options for a face-to-face course meeting online in a synchronous Moodle environment.

  • Assessments

Set up methods of assessment for online delivery in Moodle

  • Grades

Provide access to feedback and grades using Moodle gradebook.

  • Recording Lectures

Looks at alternative ways to deliver lectures for students to access online.

  • Group Discussions and Collaboration

Consider online formats for students to interact in class discussions and collaboration using Moodle tools.

  • Labs

Identify alternative ways to deliver face-to-face labs.



I’m still not sure what to do. Who can I ask?

Email The PD team receiving all of these requests will triage them to CD and Ed Tech as needed to respond quickly to your questions.