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Academic Integrity Orientation (AIO).

This guide will help you set-up the AIO for your class.


How long does it take to complete the AIO?

The course can be completed during standard class time or within two hours.

Can a student stop and start the course?

Students have unlimited access to the course during the semester and can complete it at their own pace.

What is the pre test / post test?

The Pre/Post tests are identical tests that students must complete at the beginning and end of the course. These tests have been designed to evaluate students’ understanding of academic integrity. Each of these tests must be completed before the student can receive their completion badge.

How is progression through the course monitored (are there locks)?

Each unit quiz must be completed with a score of 100% before the student can move onto the next unit. The unit content however is not locked and students can complete this content at their own discretion.

Are the quizzes repeatable?

The quizzes are repeatable until a score of 100& is achieved. Students must achieve a score of 100% on each unit quiz in order to move onto the next module. 

What is the pass grade?

A passing grade is achieved once a student has completed the Pre-Test, achieved 100% on each unit quiz and completed the Post-Test. Upon completion the student will receive a digital badge. 

What is a Super Class? 

A Super Class is a single section of the course that has an enrollment limit of 999. All students participate in the same instance of this AIO. 

How are the AIO grades reported?

The AIO grades (P/NP) are added to Grade Roster by Academic Support Centre staff at the end of the term.   

What terms does the AIO run?

The AIO only runs Fall, Winter, and Spring term. It is not available in July or August.

What is the badge?

The AIO badge is awarded when a student has successfully completed the course. The badge appears permanently on their Moodle account. The badge can be emailed to an instructor as evidence of course completion. The best link is from the Participant profile page because it contains the badge and the name of the student.

How will I know my students have completed the AIO?

If you have been added to the course as an instructor, you can monitor your students' completion as normal. If you are not added as an instructor you can do one of the following: contact the AIO course instructor and provide the ID number and student name and we can report on completion.  Alternatively, you can require a copy of your students' completion badge as evidence of completion. 


If you have any questions or concerns about the AIO course, or pilot studies please do not hesitate to contact: Eve Poirier at


Moving forward the design team will look at addressing the following areas: 

  • AmendmentsModify course in response to student and instructor feedback
  • Value at NorQuestDoes this course lead to less academic misconduct?How should dishonest students be penalized once they complete the course?  

Academic Integrity Workshop - Feedback Survey