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Academic Integrity Orientation (AIO).

This guide will help you set-up the AIO for your class.


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Learning Outcomes:

The Academic Integrity Orientation course was developed over the winter of 2016 following extensive consultation with teaching faculty. The orientation is a 6 unit Moodle course designed to provide a high level overview of the concept of "integrity".


The student outcomes of the orientation are:

1. Connect Integrity to the college experience.

2. Practice Integrity in the Classroom and Other Learning Spaces

3. Ensure Integrity in Assignments and Presentations

4. Exercise Integrity in Exam Writing and Other Forms of Assessment

5. Bring Integrity to the Workplace

6. Access Support Services



This Moodle-based multimedia tutorial covers the topics of academic integrity, academic misconduct, and learning supports.

In order to maximize student learning, the course as been designed to adhere to best practices in Instructional Design, in particular proven principles of cognitive and multimedia theory

The tutorial consists of 6 units, each with its own case study that involves audio, visual, and textual information that is reinforced with interactive elements.

The tutorial includes a pre-test, 6 unit quizzes, and a post-test.

This is a pass/fail class, and all of the unit tests are repeatable. Completion time will be under 2 hours.

What faculty stakeholders told us they wanted...

  • Enroll via PeopleSoft

  • Access via Moodle

  • Self-guided

  • Scenario based

  • Interactive

  • Repeatable

  • Learning Opportunity

  • Short completion time

  • Badge or certificate

  • OER