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APA 6th edition: Print Articles

Print Articles

Magazine article 

Stanford, J. (2010, May). Higher minimum wages boost the economy, not just workers. CPAA Monitor, 17, 22.

*Use these examples for PRINT documents.

Journal article (1 author) 

Scanlon, D. (2013). Specific learning disability and its newest definition: Which is comprehensive? and which is insufficient? Journal of Learning Disabilities, 46(1), 26-33.


Journal article (2 authors, journal paginated by issue) 

Winslow, E. H., & Brosz, D. L. (2008). Graduated compression stockings in hospitalized postoperative patients: Correctness of usage and size. American Journal of Nursing, 108(9), 40-51.


Journal article (3–7 authors) 

Matheny, K. B., Aycock, D. W., Curlett, W. K., & Junker, G. N. (2003). The coping resources inventory for stress: A measure of perceived resourcefulness. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 59, 1261–1277.


Journal article (more than 7 authors) 

Schmidt, M. I., Hoffmann, J. F., Duncan, B. B., Sander Diniz, M. F., Lotufo, P. A., Bensenor, I. M., & ... Aquino, E. L. (2014). High prevalence of diabetes and intermediate hyperglycemia: The Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil).  Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome, 6(1), 1-20.

Newspaper article 

Bennett, D. (2015, May 14). Notley halts document shredding. The National Post, p. A6.

Editorial in magazine or newspaper 

Goldring, P. (2008, November 3). Vote swapping puts our electoral process at risk: Practice deserves scrutiny and skepticism. [Editorial]. Edmonton Journal, p. A12.

Brochure with no publication date 

Public Health Agency of Canada. (n.d.). Pandemic influenza: Flu prevention checklist. [Brochure]. Ottawa, ON: Author.

Government report, publisher same as author 

Statistics Canada Health Statistics Division. (2006). How healthy are Canadians?: 2006 annual report. Ottawa, ON: Author.