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Instructor Guide - Proctor U: What do I do for deferred exams?

eProctoring Guide for Instructors - Proctor U

Deferred Exams

Once you have approved an exam deferral, the next step is simple: email with the information below, and we will take care of the rest! *Note: please do not send the deferral form itself, as it contains personal information related to the reason for the student's request. Because the Test Centre does not need that information to process the request, it should not be shared for FOIP reasons.

  • student name and ID
  • student's norquest email address
  • course name and section number
  • exam name (as submitted to us in the exam submission form; e.g. Midterm 1)
  • original exam date(s)/window
  • new date(s)/window for this deferred exam
  • note: please do not change your password or provide the password to the student.
  • include the Moodle course page URL in your e-mail as well.

Although no further action is required on your part, please review what happens next so you have an understanding of the full process, including the student experience. 

  • Test Centre sets new date window in Moodle for your exam using a single-user override (this means that this new date/window will only apply to this student - it will not affect the original date/window of your exam)
  • Test Centre completes an internal process with ProctorU - we stipulate if a fee waiver is necessary or not. A fee waiver would be necessary in cases where you've directed the student to re-book their exam within the 72 hour booking window. In these cases, we want to ensure the student is not paying the convenience fee normally charged by ProctorU for booking within 72 hours of an exam date. 
  • Test Centre will email the student and CC you to let you know that the request has been processed and that the student can expect an email invitation to their inbox from ProctorU asking them to book their exam. If a student requires a fee-waiver, they will also be directed on how to ensure their fee is waived when they make their booking.