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Holding Space Community Learning Page

In this guide, you will find resources and guidance on how to Hold Space in your classroom.

Relationships, Connection, Belonging

Burning Man Sculpture wire frame form of two people sitting on the ground back to back with small child sized human figures inside each wire sculpture reaching toward each other

Relationship with Self

Love by Alexandr Milov

Bronze sculpture of two people looking at each other

Relationship with Others

Image by pixabay

Woman face with social media icons floating around her head

Relationship with Systems

Increasing awareness of how we both impact and are impacted by "the system". This includes recognizing how the system privileges some and disadvantages others. This awareness is essential for effecting systems change.

Image by Pixabay

Morning in the woods. Path in boreal forest with sun emerging through fog around the corner as path bends to the left.

Relationship with the ecosystem - Impact, impacted, responsibility

Image by Pixabay