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Library Services for Faculty

Borrowing Resources from another Library

Interlibrary loan (ILL)

If the resource you want does not reside wihtin the NEOS consortium libraries, we will do our best to locate the item for you from other libraries. Please fill out the interlibrary loan form.

Alternatives to ILL:

  • Register as an L-Pass patron and use your public library.
  • Register at the library for your Alberta Library borrowers card (TAL Card)

Edmonton Public Library L-Pass

Your NorQuest Library Card can be your ticket to Edmonton Public Library (EPL) membership through the L-Pass. If you don't have an EPL membership, you can get it by registering through the library website. If you already have an EPL membership, you can still choose to use your NorQuest ID Card as your public library card, and your accounts will be merged.

EPL membership is a privilege of access that includes digital resources, books, music, audio books, programming and a multitude of services! 

To find out more or register for an L-Pass, please visit our website.