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Library Services for Faculty

Library Collections

To search for library resources, access the NEOS Libraries catalogue located on the library website.

The NorQuest Library is a NEOS library, which means you are searching the holdings of 18 library systems (that's millions of items!) with an automatic request and delivery service. 

Your NorQuest Library has:

  • Print collections, ebooks, magazines, academic journals and newspapers.
  • DVDs, VHS tapes, and feature films supporting.
  • Online streamed videos.
  • Audiobooks and sound recordings.
  • Family reading collection including children's picture and chapter books, audiobooks and DVDs.
  • Ebook readers preloaded with more than 30 ebooks (new!).

The NorQuest Library's collection supports its students in their studies with resources in a variety of formats.  The Library also collects materials for the benefit of faculty, applied research, and the broader literacy needs of students and their families.

For any questions on using the Library resources, please view the Home page for our contact information

Your liaison librarian can provide you with more detailed information about the library's print and electronic materials, inlcuding online and audiovisual items.


We have thousands of ebooks that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere as long the user is a NorQuest student or employee. We happily accept requests for ebooks. To request an item for consideration please fill out this form.

A few considerations...

It is important to note that whether we can acquire an ebook and how it is accessed, is determined by publishers, NOT the library. Publishers set limits on use such as how much of a book can be downloaded or printed, the format (i.e. html, pdf), how many simultaneous users are permitted and if content can be moved from one device to another. This is referred to as DRM or Digital Rights Management.

The library purchases access to ebooks from publishers and platforms through various licenses. How ebooks are accessed and used varies by platform. For example, ebooks from the Hoopla platform must be "checked out" in order to be read. Levels of access to ebooks can also vary within platforms (ex. ProQuest Ebook Central, Ebsco Ebooks) as the books come from many different publishers who set their own DRM restrictions.

Many ebooks are not available for purchase by libraries at all. Most e-textbooks used at NorQuest fall into this category. This should not come as a surprise given that textbook publishers gear their business toward selling books directly to students. Please also note that many books do not come in any other format than print. In such cases, scanned copies of individual book chapters or excerpts can be made to support curriculum, subject to copyright restrictions. For information pertaining to copyright, please contact Curriculum Development (

Curriculum Collection

The curriculum collection is a distinct collection within our core collection. These items are accessible to NorQuest staff and faculty only and each item is automatically assigned as a term loan.  Typically, the items that make up the curriculum collection have been purchased by interested departments in the College, however the library may also purchase resources at the request of NorQuest staff and faculty for the purpose of classroom use.  These materials are designated as part of this special collection, which shields them from the recall process.

Please contact your Liaison librarian with any questions pertaining to the Curriculum Collection.

Purchase Requests

Acquisitions are made on the basis of proposed use, reasonable expectation of long-term suitability, and course relevance.

The Library is happy to entertain your suggestions. Please use the request form on our website

The Library adheres to the principles expressed in the Canadian Library Association's Statement on Intellectual Freedom. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Eve Poirier.