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Learn to Research

Picking a Topic

What makes a good topic? 

  • something that interests you!
  • something that isn't too broad or focused.

1. Brainstorm

Look at the keywords in your assignment and brainstorm any words, ideas, or associations that come into your mind. Do this without being critical of what you write, just get all the ideas on paper. 

2. Draw a concept map

This visual tool will help you to organize your thoughts and ideas.


3. Refine your potential ideas

Start narrowing your ideas by being more specific with which words you are using.

Focus on: Health Concern, Lung Problems, Smog, Canada...

Make the words more specific and narrow the geographical area:

Refined Topics: Health Medical Concern, Lung Respiratory problems, Smog Air Pollution, Canada Alberta




Choose one of the following topics (or choose one of your own) and brainstorm as many words, ideas, concepts and connections as you can think of in the next two minutes.

  • Racism in Canada
  • Childhood obesity
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Housing the homeless

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