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Ngina wa Kaai

Outreach and Engagement Librarian
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Ngina wa Kaai
10215 108 Street NW | Room 2-167B
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T5J 1L6
My main role is to connect with non-academic communities and groups around campus and support them in their projects and goals through resources the Learner Centre can provide. My academic liaison areas include all of the Community Studies programs. Support in those areas includes resources for curriculum and collections, and providing library instruction. I am also responsible for looking after the NorQuest Library's social media accounts, organizing events in the Learner Centre, and helping students with research and citation.

My Guides

Child and Youth Care
Last update: Jun 26, 2024 265 views
Last update: Apr 25, 2024 16 views
Disability Studies
Last update: Apr 25, 2024 81 views
Last update: Jun 4, 2024 1343 views
Educational Assistant
Last update: Jun 26, 2024 236 views
Learn to Research
Last update: Apr 25, 2024 3886 views
Last update: Feb 23, 2024 1126 views
Last update: Apr 25, 2024 72 views