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Learn to Research: Find

Find the Type of Information You Need

Start with general information sources, and then go to more specific information sources.

Keywords vs. Subject Searching

Start with a keyword search, but if you find too many or too few results or if they are off topic, try a subject search.


Pick a result that matches your topic and click on the record to see the subject headings.

If you click on a subject heading, you will link to a list of materials that share the same relevant subject matter. You can also do a new search with the subject heading terms.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Another way to refine search results and gather ideas is to search Google Scholar, which finds finds only scholarly literature. Save the relevant web link in a document and note the title and author.

Search Terms: Air pollution AND respiratory problems in Alberta




Evaluating Internet Sources

Find a Book in the Library Catalogue

How to Search Databases

Google Scholar

Search Engines

You have probably heard of Google, Bing and Yahoo but there are dozens of search engines on the web.