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Course Quality Rubric: OSCQR

One fundamental goal of NorQuest’s Curriculum Framework is to support NorQuest faculty, subject matter experts, and curriculum developers in creating and implementing a quality curriculum for NorQuest learners. Our emphasis on quality means that we ensure that our learners are gaining the best possible educational experience – one that is both accessible and challenging. To meet the needs of our learners, we have decided to include a course quality rubric, known as OSCQR (Open SUNY Course Quality Review) in the Toolkit. The State University of New York developed this highly intuitive and flexible tool.

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The OSCQR Process by Open SUNY is licensed under CC BY 4.0 

Assuming the perspective of students, the OSCQR rubric is positive, proactive, and focused on solutions rather than problems; in other words, OSCQR is not about evaluating your courses with a score but about providing you with insight into possible areas for improvement. You are free to use the rubric and customize it in a way that suits your needs.

  1. You can read more about OSCQR here.
  2. You can access the OSCQR rubric in a Word doc or PDF format. In creating the rubric, SUNY consulted a range of prominent research into best practices in post-secondary teaching and learning.


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