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Room Bookings: Home

How to book a room in the Learner Centre: 

1. Select the date you would like to book a room

  • You may book up to 1 week in advance

2. Find the correct room type for your needs (see map)

  • Online Service Rooms (1 seat) - For attending online classes or appointments
  • Group Study Rooms (4 or 6 seats) - For individual study or group work

3. Green indicates the room is available. Red indicates that the room is not available.

  • Click a green block at the time you would like your booking to begin. 2 hours is the default booking time.
  • You can adjust the booking time by using the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen. 
  • You may book between 30 minutes and 3 hours per day

4. Click submit times 

5. Review your booking details. Enter your name and student email address into the form

  • Click Change if you would like to make any edits to your booking details



Bookings are initiated once you click on a time period. The booking system will hold that space for 5 minutes to allow enough time to complete a booking. If you leave the page and come back, the system will not release the space until 5 minutes has lapsed.

Be cautious when choosing so you can be sure to get the room you want.



Group Study Room equipment instructions: 

All bookable rooms in the Learner Centre are equipped with a web camera and microphone. In the Online Service Rooms, this equipment will connect to the computer in the room automatically. In the Group Study Rooms, you will need to follow the instructions below to connect the computer to the web camera and microphone. 

location of meeting rooms in learner centre

Meeting rooms are for students only. Faculty and staff can book a drop down space or meeting room through iOffice.


Need help with your booking?

If you need help making a booking, or if there are other students using the room you have booked, library staff are here to help! Visit us at the Library Help Desk, call us at  (780) 644-6070, send a text to (587) 600-0084, or email and we will assist you.