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LINC English Beginner

A guide for students in Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC).

Test-Taking Tips

These tips will help you with preparing and writing any test.

  • Find and study from any books, websites, or practice tests on the test you are taking. This will help you know what kind of questions to expect, and what you need to study for.
  • On the day of your test make sure you are well rested, and you have eaten a nutritious meal.
  • Arrive at the test a few minutes early so you can relax.
  • When writing the test, read over all of the questions first.
  • Answer the questions that you know first. It is okay to skip questions that you are not sure about, and go back to them later on during the test!
  • Review your test before you hand it in. This will will give you a chance to change your answers, or catch questions you may have missed. 

Websites for studying

Canadian Citizenship Websites

CELPIP Websites

CAEL Websites

CLB Websites

IELTS Website

TOEFL Websites

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