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Machine Learning Analyst Diploma

Getting Started

This online guide is a collection of resources that will introduce you to the various aspects of Machine Learning.

It is a broad discipline as reflected in the range of content you'll find on this guide. There will be some content overlap between resources, so you don't have to review every single resource or even complete everything as quickly as possible. The mode of delivery will also vary between skills and concepts, for example you will find that certain categories have apps or games available while others do not. We made our best effort to source a range of options, but could not locate all types of resources for each category.

Take your time to select the best resource for you when it works for you.


What do those symbols mean?


norquest college logo   NorQuest credentials are required for access. Students can access during their program as well as 30 days before AND after classes end. 

icon of open lock  Open Access (OA) content. This means the resource is free to everyone, everywhere, and there is no need to login.

  YouTube video (sorry about the ads).