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How to Start Your Research Assignment

running start

  • Read your assignment carefully to understand the requirements
  • Highlight the topic guidelines given, required length, and types of information sources allowed
  • Check out FIRST STEPS in the Learn to Research Guide
  • Remember, at any time during the research process you are welcome to ask for help!  Please visit the library desk with your questions, or click on the HELP tab to contact us online.

concept map

  • Remember that your paper must answer the research question that you ask.mapping
  • Examine your topic in detail, ask yourself "who?" "what?" "where?" "when?" "why?"
  • Is your question too broad, too narrow, or just right?
  • Learn the steps for turning your topic into a research question by visiting QUESTION in the Learn to Research Guide

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  • Once you have gathered sources of information, it's important to evaluate their quality.
  • Is the information you want to use credible? Is it relevant to your assignment?
  • Check out USE in the Learn to Research guide
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