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Psychology Research Guide

Famous Psychologists & Theories:

Ainsworth, Mary - Attachment Theory

Asch, Solomon - Conformity Experiment

Bandura, Albert - Social Learning Theory

Bowlby, John - Attachment Theory

Bruner, Jerome - cognitive development of children

Erikson, Erik - Theory of Psychosocial Development

Freud, Sigmund - psychoanalysis

Kohlberg, Lawrence -  moral development

Kolb, David -  experiential learning styles theory

Kuhn, Thomas Samuel – developmental psychology

Maslow, Abraham - Hierarchy of Needs

Milgram, Stanley – obedience experiment

Pavlov, Ivan – conditioned/unconditioned response

Piaget, Jean – cognitive development

Popper, Karl - distinguishing science from non-science

Rogers, Carl - self actualization

Skinner, B. F. - operant conditioning

Thorndike, Edward - operant conditioning within behaviorism

Vygotsky, Lev – sociocultural theory

Watson, John – classical conditioning within behaviourism

Wundt, Wilhelm – structuralism, founder of experimental psychology

Zimbardo, Philip - Stanford Prison Experiment