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Academic Skills For Success

This page is meant to be a home for academic skills that help students be successful at the post-secondary level

Test Taking

Exams are an important and often stressful part of being a student. This section will be for strategies related to preparing for as well as dealing with stresses during the exam process.

Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety is more than just being nervous before an exam. It can show itself in many different ways.

For some, their brain goes blank and they forget all the answers they learned during hours of studying and preparing. Or they might get sweaty and unfocused and can barely finish reading a question. They could also find they are staring more at the clock counting down how much time is left instead of focusing.

Maybe anxiety starts building a few days before the exam and you cannot sleep; or you feel you need to spend every moment studying, and you feel guilty if you take a break. Maybe it starts only 30 minutes before the exam and you get sick to your stomach. 

These are all very common ways to experience Test Anxiety, and they generally get worse as we get older.

This short video addresses some of what we can help you with. Please come see us in-person or email if you are interested in setting up appointments through our "Habits for Success" program to work on developing strategies to manage this stress. School is hard enough already!



Test Preparation

Preparing for exams includes several different topics. Setting up a schedule to you have time to review all the required material, as well as making and using resources and notes are the most common topics to cover. But there can be a lot more to making sure you are prepared physically, emotional and mentally. If you want additional resources or strategies please see us in-person in the library on online.

Here are some additional video resources for Reducing Test Anxiety.

Please come see a tutor or email to inquire about how our Habits for Success coaching sessions can help!

Test-Taking Skills

Our Test-Taking Skills website is being developed as a one-stop resource for tips on test preparation, writing, review and anxiety.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive resource, and if you would like additional information or more strategies, please come see us in the Learner Centre or online.

Additionally, you may want to consider signing up to work with an Academic Coach through our Habits for Success program.