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Academic Skills For Success

This page is meant to be a home for academic skills that help students be successful at the post-secondary level

Organizational Techniques

Life can be messy and complicated; learning to use schedules, prioritizing obligations and setting goals can be great ways for us to make sure we are building a path to success. Strategies listed I this section will help you create structure in your daily life such as deciding what is important and can wait, or breaking down dreams in to short term steps you need to take to build towards that future.

Prioritizing Tasks

A “Priority Matrix” is a way to sort all the different things you have to get done. Looking at our list of tasks we set a priority level to each item. This helps us decided what we need to do right now (writing the outline for a paper that is coming up), and what we can do later, or even ask friends/family to help us with (like taking out the garbage).

Goal Setting

“Goal Setting” it a tool that can help us stay motivated when we are finding it hard to focus or keep going. Small, short-term goals can help us feel a sense of accomplishment; and long-term goals can help remind us what is important in our lives.

Combining both of these can be a very powerful way to help stay motivated by keeping track of the steps we are taking to keep ourselves on the right path!

Come see us at the Tutorial Centre if you want help with combining these goals to build a long-term success plan!