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Course Recommendations for Staff/Faculty

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Faculty Resources curated by People Development

Recommended Faculty Resources for LinkedIn Learning
Course Title Level Useful? Comments
Learning to Teach Online Beginner Yes Worthwhile for those new to online teaching. First part is basic intro to online learning and LMS but the second half unpacks important considerations for course design, engagement, collaboration and accessibility.
Teaching with Technology Beginner Yes This course references UDL (Universal Design Principles for Learning), presents useful ideas on how to share content with and between students, and has quite a few helpful suggestions for online assessment.
Teaching Technical Skills Through Video Intermediate Maybe This course seems to be geared more to k-12 teachers. It can remind instructors of some of the effective practices to get students ready to view and get the most out of videos, and how effectively focus on the essential parts of the videos you want to use/link to. It would be helpful for those who use a lot of video links in their course.
Teaching Online: Synchronous Classes Intermediate Yes Useful as a reinforcement to the workshops that NQ does on Blackboard Ultra. They talk about synchronous teaching and the tools in generic terms, but they do make a lot of worthwhile observations about the use of various features and the issues that some might have with bandwidth and effective communication. Nice suggestions about flipping the classroom, leveraging tools and conducting the online session
Teaching Techniques: Creating Multimedia Learning Intermediate Yes This course may prove useful for those preparing to make their own multimedia components in their courses.  It does not get into particular recording programs, only referencing Audacity.
Office 365 for Educators Intermediate Yes This course takes a look at Office 365, tools available for NQers. This course may prove useful to really get the most out of the Office Suite. Note: SWAY has been discontinued by MS
Camtasia 2019 Essential Training 2019: The Basics Beginner Yes This course complements Moodle Help’s Camtasia workshop. Useful for learning keys to successful recordings and the basics- how to get started, create a recording, edit and share.
Camtasia 2019 Essential Training 2019: Advanced Techniques Intermediate Yes Useful course in addition to Camtasia Basics if you want to add interactivity to your online course.


Staff and Leader Resources on LinkedIn Learning curated by People Development

Staff and Leader Resources on LinkedIn Learning
Course Title and Link Length Useful Comments
Tips for Working Remotely 32m Yes Good strategies for structuring work days and project planning
Remote Work Foundations 1h Maybe Tools are ones we don't use, lots of strategies for stimulation that don't work in a self isolation world.
Time Management: working from home 1h25m Yes Strategies for balancing personal and work dynamics, when you have a choice of where to work
1h Yes Good suggestions to block time now and in future to get things done, great not perfect
Executive Presence on Video Conference Calls 34m Yes How to look and sound natural and confident
Thriving at Work: Leveraging the connection between well-being and productivity 41m Yes Intentional self care leads to quality contributions at work
Managing Stress for Positive Change 57m Yes Combines science with self care exercises
Building Resilience 34m Yes Even has exercises worksheets to help us learn
Developing Resourcefulness 18m Yes Useful examples and ways to get us to work in new ways
Leading at a Distance 36m Yes Good ideas for remote teams/leaders
Managing Virtual Teams 56m Yes Good examples for team building and supporting
Leading Virtual Meetings 32m Yes Good questions to ponder to be intentional
Microsoft Teams tips and tricks 1h1m Maybe 9 months old, useful examples of how to make MSTeams work even better
Learning Skype 1h4m Maybe Office Skype will soon be dropped from our work suite