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NorQuest Health Dictionary

A research guide focused on medical terminology


Loss of sensation and movement in both the upper and lower parts of the body. A spinal cord injury can result in quadriplegia. FOCC 1000 Unit C4

Quality of pulse

The strength of the pulse felt by the fingers while taking a pulse. The quality of a pulse should be strong; a weak or thready pulse is abnormal. SCAE 1000 Unit E3


Argument or disagreement. HCAs should never get involved with a client's family quarrels. FOCC 1000 Unit C5


To use the exact words another person said, including the name of the person who said these words. When charting what a client said, use her name and quote exactly what she said in quotation marks. For example, Mrs. Smith stated "I feel sick to my stomach since eating breakfast." BCND 1000 Unit D1