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ACB Wellness Newsletter

Welcome to the ACB Wellness Newsletter! 

The ACB Wellness newsletter aims to share research, recommendations and resources to support African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) communities access mental health supports. 

Project Description

This project aims to uncover and assess barriers encountered by ACB communities with the intent of providing an innovative multi-faceted approach to overcome these barriers. The aim of this project is improved mental health for the ACB community through:

  • increased awareness and early seeking of support services
  • increased knowledge of the mental health barriers and challenges faced by the ACB community, and
  • increased service provider support strategies to assist ACB clients in accessing and navigating mental health support systems.


Research shows this community faces many challenges, including recognizing mental health symptoms, knowing when and where to get support, and stigma (Connor, 2010, Taylor, 2018).

Black Canadians are also about six times more likely to have depressive symptoms, some of which are exacerbated by issues of racism and discrimination (Vance, 2019). The COVID-19 pandemic worsened the mental health of most Canadians and situations were worse for racialized communities (Findlay, 2020).

For additional research and preliminary findings of this project, read the first issue of the ACB Wellness Newsletter

This project was developed by NorQuest College in partnership with the Ribbon Rouge Foundation. Funding is provided by the College and Community Social Innovation Fund (CCSIF).