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Truth and Reconciliation

A guide to acknowledge and honor Indigenous people, history, and current events.

September 30

Orange Shirt Day

September 30th

Every Child Matters

On this day, we take the time to honor and remember all of Canada's Indigenous children who were taken out of their communities to be sent away to residential schools. It is a time to reflect on the history of residential schools, and to better educate ourselves on what happened in them.

The name "Orange Shirt Day" came from one child's first experience in a residential school. The grandmother of Phyllis Webstad had gifted her an orange shirt for her first day at St. Joseph's Mission residential school. Upon Phyllis' arrival to the school, they stripped her of her clothing, including her orange shirt, which was never returned.

Orange Shirt day is about recognizing the harm and injustices endured by Indigenous children due to the residential school system. 

It is a reminder that every child matters.



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