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Indigenous Studies

A guide containing some helpful resources relating to Indigenous studies.

Indigenous Voices

When doing research on Indigenous matters, it is best practice to try and make sure to look for Indigenous voices on the topic rather than only depending on external researchers' work. Depending on your research topic and assignment, you may be using a mix of academic resources, oral teachings, podcasts, blog posts, or news articles as Indigenous voices can be found both within Western academic formats (ie journal articles) but also in other formats (oral teachings, twitter etc).

Indigenous Literature

We have a wide variety of material on Indigenous authors and literature.

Recommended Media

Books, Journals, Podcasts, and Films by and about Indigenous voices.

Critical Literacy

Questions to ask while researching and evaluating information about Indigenous communities.


Learn about Indigenous artistic expressions, oral-based knowledge systems, Totem poles, and cedar.

Indigenous Artists and Exhibitions

Ecology and Environment

We have a wide variety of material on Indigenous ecology and environmental science.

Environmental Protection

Books, Journals, and Films about Indigenous land and water rights.

Environmental Education

Books, journals and films about Indigenous land-based learning and traditional knowledge.

Science and Technology Films

Search the science & math and the technology & trades subjects for Indigenous content.

Environmental Education and Activism

National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education

Connecting communities with each other to share their stories about Indigenous education across Canada and around the world.

Indigenous Pedagogy

Books, Journals, and Films about Indigenous education and culturally relevant pedagogy.

First Nations University of Canada

A First Nations owned post-secondary institution that bridges our ceremonies, knowledge keepers, languages, and traditions with the delivery of high-quality education. 

Reconciliation Education

These online courses and films provide a comprehensive, customized anti-racist education in line with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's 94 Calls to Action.

Indigenous Education


The permanent home for all statements, documents, and other materials gathered by the TRC.

Indian Residential School Apology

In 2008, the Prime Minister made a Statement of Apology to former students of Indian Residential Schools, on behalf of the Government of Canada.

Legacy of Hope

The Legacy of Hope Foundation (LHF) is a national, Indigenous-led, charitable organization that has been working to promote healing and Reconciliation in Canada.

Residential School System

The system forcibly separated children from their families for extended periods of time and forbade them to acknowledge their Aboriginal heritage and culture or to speak their own languages.

Edmonton 2 Spirit Society

To re-establish and enhance our traditional roles and responsibilities as Two Spirit people in Indigenous communities.

Why Indigenous Literatures Matter

It’s about the many kinds of stories Indigenous peoples tell, and the stories others tell about us. A Year of #HonouringIndigenousWriters

First Nations Governance

Only organization in Canada dedicated to transitioning First Nations from the Indian Act to their own concept of self-governance.
Idle No More

Idle No More calls on all people to join in a peaceful revolution which honours and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty and which protects the land, the water, and the sky.

John Borrows
Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Law

John Borrows is Anishinaabe/ Ojibway and a member of the Chippewa of the Nawash First Nation in Ontario, Canada.​​​

Dr. Pamela Palmater

Mi'kmaq lawyer, professor, activist and politician. A member of the Eel River Bar First Nation in northern New Brunswick.

Symbol of the Government of Canada
Treaties, agreements and negotiations

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

What Are the Treaties? Two Different Views

First Nations exchanged some of their interests in specific areas of their ancestral lands in return for various kinds of payments and promises from Crown officials.

Book Jacket
On Being Here to Stay

Asch retells the story of Canada with a focus on the relationship between First Nations and settlers.

First Nations Information Connection

Explore the rich, ever growing collection of links to quality, freely available online resources on a variety of Indigenous topics.

Indigenous Heritage

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) acquires, preserves, and provides access to published and archival heritage material.

Indigenous History

The history of Indigenous peoples in Canada, reconciliation and more.

A Concise History of Canada's First Nations

By: Olive Patricia Dickason & Moira Jean Calder

1491: The Untold Story of the Americas Before Columbus

Produced by two Indigenous-owned Canadian production companies.

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