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Reserve Books and Reading

Find out which materials are required for your classes by checking Moodle or asking your instructor

About The Reserve Collection

Course Materials at the Library

The library loans books that are required and suggested reading for NorQuest classes. Choose your program area from the menu on the left to find out how you can access required and suggested books through the library.

Reserve Collection Regular Collection

Most required books and some suggested books are available through the Reserve Collection. Reserve books are: 

  • Kept behind the Library Help Desk
  • Available for 3-hour loans
  • Only available to NorQuest students
  • Sometimes available as eBooks


A pattern of returning Reserve items late may result in a loss of access to the Reserve Collection. 

If a required or suggested book is not in the Reserve Collection, it may be in the regular library collection. These books are: 

  • On the public library shelves
  • Available for 3-week loans
  • Available to all library users
  • Sometimes available as eBooks
  • If you are not sure which books you need, please check your Moodle or speak to your instructor
  • Always check with your instructor before using an older edition of a required textbook
  • Course materials can be purchased through The Core
Other Course Materials

The library also provides access to many of the articles, videos, and other materials your instructor may assign to you. The library's Reserve Collection also includes calculators that are available for 3-hour loans.

Find articles, videos, and other materials by searching OneSearch: