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2021 - virtual event

Title Description
How can you be gay and Muslim? People often assume that being Muslim and being gay are mutually exclusive identities. In my experience, reconciling these two aspects of my identity was actually pretty easy once I realized I had the power to define them on my own terms. To tell the truth, although it has changed my relationship to Islam, being gay has never been a barrier to my own sense of spiritual fulfillment. Existing between the margins of what people think is possible can be difficult, but I’ve learned how to hold all the different parts of me together, no matter how disparate they may seem.
How to Juice a Lemon with a Stump: My one-handed queer life I am a content creator, new mom, queer, I have a disability, and I absolutely love to cook. I wanna tell you all about my journey, from coming out, to dealing with stigma around having one hand, to leaving my stressful 9-5 job to pursue a career on YouTube. I also wanna hear your stories and questions if you're into it - let's have a lovely conversation!

Being queer isn't just a white thing

What does it mean to be part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, which is already marginalized? What does it mean to be black and queer in Alberta and within our own cultural communities? Our speaker examines this intersection from a personal perspective and from the lens of being an executive director of an organization that strives to affirm racialized people.