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Living Library

Living Library Fall 2022

Queen of Chaos, Mistress of Mayhem: The Persistent Challenge of Wrangling an ADHD Brain 

I am a neurodiverse person, who along with both of my children live with ADHD. ADHD is a widely (and wildly) misunderstood disability, and all too often, those who have ADHD are dismissed as being unmotivated, disorganized, and erratic. Managing this disability within the education system, and as an educator in a realm where student disability is accounted for but instructor disability is unexpected, at best, is challenging. I would love to be able to share my story as a way to generate better understanding and awareness of what ADHD actually is, and how it might be better approached in the workplace and education system. 


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"Why Don't You Go to School?" Reflections of a Homeschooled Child and CyberStudent  

This speaker has a very unique perspective on education, having attended public school from Kindergarten to Grade 3, homeschooled from Grades 4-8, and attended an online school from Grades 9-12. Hear from her about her experience of systemic and community discrimination against homeschooled students (the police were watching her house at times!), her foray into online education years before COVID, and her adjustment to attending a traditional university - and how her experiences helped to prepare her for it. She will dispel some of the myths regarding homeschooled students (not all former homeschoolers are socially awkward and she obtained her Bachelor's degree with distinction!), describe advances that have resulted in improvements for homeschooling families, and discuss how even children attending public and traditional schools can incorporate some homeschooling activities. 



Fool Prescription

The sudden diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder in 2017 in my late forties opened a door on seeing how the culture of my communities can be an oppression against healing within a mental disorder. At the same time, theater clown training provided compassionate armour to step boldly through that door. Come on a walk, we'll talk.

Where are you from?

Being a visible minority born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, I have always struggled with and questioned my personal roots. Are my roots from some unknown land or this place I know? I'd like to share my personal history and conflicts of identity in my youth and how it has shaped my growth into the confident and outspoken supporter I am now. My insecurities have been turned into motivations, for better and worse, and dictate many of my choices each day.

Living Library Winter 2022

Queering the Prairies

We are all shaped by the communities we grow up in but what happens when the structure of those communities, the patterns of behaviour they espouse, are less a reflection of who you are but of who you are not? This polyamorist, bisexual queer book recounts how growing up in the 'bible-belt' of Canada left her wondering for many years why she has felt out of step with life as it unfolds around her.

Nonbinary in a Binary World

What is it like to be nonbinary, living in a very binary and gendered world? Join us to learn about one person’s journey, including challenges with embracing one's own identities and the consequential holistic health impacts, historically and currently. Additionally, you’ll hear about their lived experiences and their perspective as a gay, nonbinary person trying to navigate heteronormative and cisgender spaces and systems, on both a personal and professional level.

Trans Trilogy

Join in a vibrant conversation of social transitions, bathroom battles, sexuality, hormones, pronouns and surgeries. Dig into the impacts that ASKING, AFFIRMING, and RESPECTING can have on the lives of the gender diverse population and their families. Open your minds and hearts as you engage in stories that are beyond pink and blue.

Two-Spiritedness: A lifetime to find

Tan’si nitotem’tik (Hello! How are you?) Lisia Morin nit’siy’hkason (I am called.) Mabel ekwa William kihisiy’hkasowak ninekihikwak (Mabel and William who have passed on, are my parents.) Niya nehiyaw (I am a four direction person (a Cree person).) Maskekosihk Oh ci niya (The land of the medicine, I am from. (Enoch First Nation)) Pihtokwe nipikiskwatitowin. (Come to my conversation.) Niwihacimowina (I am going to tell my story.) Mino pimatisiwin. (To live the good life!) Kahkiyaw awiyak! (Everyone!)