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NorQuest College Black History Month

An online repository to showcase and consolidate materials and resources regarding Black History Month at NorQuest College.

Welcome to NorQuest College's guide of information on Black History Month. 

In this guide, you will find resources on Black History Month. Topics such as history, facts, historical and modern figures, past celebrations at NorQuest College, and instructional resources and teaching guides are included.

You will notice in this guide that the word 'Black' is capitalized in all places. This is to distinguish a focus on Black people as a community, rather than the shade or any other connotation/synonym. Find out more about this editorial choice.

Canada is seen by the world as being a welcoming, inclusive, and multicultural society. Understanding the history of the various cultural groups in Canada is an important part of celebrating the diversity of our nation. Many individuals in the Afro-Black-Caribbean (ACB) community have played an important role in shaping the Canada we know today and recognizing this rich and diverse history benefits every one. According to the Government of Canada (2021):

Black history in Canada has not always been celebrated or highlighted. Canadians are not always aware of the fact that Black people were once enslaved in the territory that is now Canada or how those who fought enslavement helped to lay the foundation of the diverse and inclusive society in Canada. 

Taking the time to recognize and celebrate the contributions of the ACB communities in Canada is an essential step to reconciling past injustices and working towards a just, inclusive, and equitable future.


Government of Canada. (2021, February 1). About Black History Month.

There are four colours generally associated with Black History Month - those are red, green, gold or yellow, and black.

Red - the shared blood of people of African descent

Green - growth and fertility

Gold/Yellow - the sun, hope, justice, and equality

Black - Afro-Black-Caribbean people themselves, and their strength and creativity

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