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NorQuest College Black History Month

An online repository to showcase and consolidate materials and resources regarding Black History Month at NorQuest College.

NorQuest College prides itself on being a diverse and inclusionary post-secondary institution, celebrating the contribution of communities. Celebrating Black History Month is a part of openly recognizing the diversity and array of cultural backgrounds our students bring to the College.

Black History Month is a time where many classes from different programs come together to learn about related history and create knowledge and understanding of issues surrounding the ACB community through art.

Inclusion is an integration of diversity and engagement. As we know that organization is made up different people. So, inclusion is a way to support diverse people’s learning to use their voices to create awareness. It is designed for various group of students, faculty, administrators, and directors to come together to share their experiences and let them celebrate their common ground. 

Fusion is the term used to describe the integration of various individuals and ideas. 

Inclusion Fusion is a diversity- related awareness- raising event that provides an opportunity to encourage desire, empathy, and creativity in meetings or conversations. Basically, the goal of first Inclusion Fusion event was to enhance the knowledge about student’s thinking about inclusion and exclusion on the campus. 

Inclusion Fusion event includes six kind of activities that are Conversation Café, Art of Inclusion, Map of World, Speaker’s Corner and create a Banner. Each activity has its own objectives to promote diverse culture, or we can say that these activities teach us to work collaboratively by sharing or listening each other’s point of view regarding given theme through different six ways. 

The intercultural competency development includes respect, welcoming nature, curiosity, knowledge of self and others. It may also offer language learning opportunity. 

There are six phases of Debriefing that are How to feel, what happened, what did you learn, how does this relate to real life, what if, what next? Basically, Debriefing refers to the interrogation. 

I had also watched video of Inclusion Fusion of SANQC collective art project in which participants trying to solve the puzzle without using words, letters, and numbers. They all are making different art pieces to solve puzzle. Interestingly, according to his or her own ideas, imagination, beliefs no particular theme given to them. It helps them to learn numerous of things about various diversities. This was amazing way to create awareness and promote togetherness. Norquest College is home to a diverse population of students from various backgrounds and perspectives. A lot of students of Norquest college also participating in this event which was good thing. This clip also includes little stuff related to human library. 

Inclusion Fusion also offers a lot of opportunities for participants. Like participants get familiar with other’s culture. They can use art as their voices like they make banners, posters of current issues to aware public. Everybody should be aware of the variations and curious about them. Everyone can also exchange their ideas at last and connect to each other without any discrimination and differences. Finally, I like to emphasize the value of each human existence. Everyone has his or her own culture, beliefs, ideas, and knowledge. We cannot refuse or judge anybody by his or her body color. We should have to work collaboratively which tie community with the thread of love and care. Interestingly, we can learn various new things by working together. Inclusion Fusion project is excellent way to promote diversity. 

Author - Kamalpreet Kaur