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Linking to Library Resources

How to link to library resources such as databases, ebooks, articles or online video

What is the Guide For?

Enhance student learning by linking to quality research materials, right inside their Moodle course. This brief guide will show you how to add library resources to your online course pages.

The library licenses numerous databases, ebooks and online video from various vendors. In general, these licenses allow instructors to place links to the resources in their online courses, but not to download the resource and then upload it to the course.


To link to licensed library resources you need to build a link from two parts:

library off-campus authentication prefix + persistent link

Some of  the databases provide the library off-campus authentication prefix already added to the resource link.

For your students to access these resources from off campus, they need to authenticate (log in with a username and password).  When providing a link to your students to a licensed library resource, you need to add our off-campus authentication link prefix to the resource's persistent url:

Click on the tabs across the top of this guide to learn how to link to Articles, Ebooks, Databases, Online Videos or items in the library catalogue.




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