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Tutorial and Academic Coaching Services

Welcome to Tutorial and Academic Coaching Services!

We are a FREE service for NorQuest students. Our team of professional tutors will work with you to build academic skills, confidence, and independence.

We are here to assist with homework, understanding assignments, clarifying course content and preparing for exams for any program offered by the college. 
Our Coaches are here to help with academic skills like study strategies, reading comprehension, exam preparation strategies, time management, or test anxiety.


Team Members: Kerry, Nettie, Sheema, Cris B, Christine, Vernice, Kristina, Ayuuba, Anna, Moises, Ibby, Kyle S, Kat, Noel, Kyle T, Judy, Dean, Friday

Access Tutorial and Academic Coaching

Welcome to Tutorial and Academic Coaching

To get help online, click on the link below and login to Moodle.

After you login, follow the instructions to connect with the Tutor-Coaches.

If you are having trouble, please call, or email us.


Drop-in Tutorial


Weekdays (Monday to Friday)






login to Moodle and follow the link to our BlackBoard to work with a tutor.

8:45am-12:30pm  and 


English will be closed from 11 am - 2:30 pm Mon, Wed, Fri






In-Person 2nd floor, Singhmar Centre 8:45 am – 5:00 pm Closed Closed


Click here to watch a video on how to use Blackboard. 



What do the Tutors help with?

We can:Checkmark! Things we can help with. We will not:X! Things we cannot help with

Help with homework

Explain concepts you learned in class

Break down assignment instructions

Help with exam preparation

Teach academic skills such as study strategies, time management, memorization, managing anxiety and more

Proofread your work, this violates the college's academic integrity rules. But we can show you how to proofread your own work!

Provide support during exams. This violates the college's academic integrity rules.

Confirm answers or provide grades for papers or assignments. We encourage you to discuss your concerns with your instructor.

Teach research and citation. Visit the librarians in the Learner Centre or on their live chat for help.

Help with resumes. Please see the Career Centre on the 6th floor of the CELT building.

Help with funding applications. Please see an Advisor on the 1st floor of the CELT building.


Habits for Success - Academic Coaching

Is school stressful? Does college feel overwhelming?

Coaching can help you build academic skills to make school easier!

Take this short survey to learn about the different skills that we can help you with!


Our Habits for Success program brings Academic Coaching to all NorQuest students.

Learn study, note taking or time management strategies, test taking skills, anxiety management and more!

Click the image below to learn more.

Email us to register for 3 1-hour or 6 30-minute appointments to learn Academic skills that will make you an even better student! 



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