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Tutorial and Academic Coaching Services: Spring/ Summer 2020 Semester Resources


 Summer hours for Tutorial and Coaching are 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

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Family Resources


Free audiobooks, books, and comics! You will need your NorQuest Library Card Number. If you need any help with setting up Hoopla, please connect with the Librarians here.



It is a collection of online feature films from studios including 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Miramax, Dreamworks, Warner Bros. and Lionsgate. Click here for more information. Please follow the steps under the title How to Link to Criterion-on-Demand Videos. 

Here are some online resources that are both educational and fun for children:

  • Khan Academy and Khan Academy Kids is on YouTube and is a great resource for children learning online. It is great for all levels!
  • Here are some great learning games for children in kindergarten to grade 3. 
  • PBS is a great website with different activities and videos games that involve learning and fun!
  • Brain Pop is a site with STEM focused games and activities!


If you want to share any children friendly educational resources for other parents that are students at NorQuest, please send us a chat here!

1. Do homework during their nap/sleep times.

       a.   They will be asleep, and you can work quietly.

2. Have children do quiet play while you are doing homework.

       a.     Examples are playing with Playdoh, colouring, tv show, reading by themselves.

3. Have children do homework with you. Modeling good school behaviour shows them that you are learning to.

       a.      If children are older, have them do homework with you. Talk to them about school and being busy. You spend time with them and show them why it is important to learn.

4. Play the 'quiet game' by setting a timer to be quiet for 15 minutes.

       a.       If your children can stay quiet or not interrupt your homework time, they get to pick an activity they want to do for 10 minutes. A treat can be reading together, going outside, watching a show. Then start the game again.

5. Make sure children have their snacks, water, and toys they want near them while you are doing homework.

       a.        That will make them get their own things without asking you for them.

How to Share Technology Devices at Home with Children

Ask yourself:

1. When do I need the computer? This includes class time and homework time. 

2. When does my spouse or partner need the computer? Find out what time they need the computer that day.

3. What time do my children need the computer? If you have children who are learning online, ask them what time their classes are and if have any homework they need to do for school on the computer. Find out what time they need the computer that day.

4. What time do my children need the computer to watch shows or play games? If you have young children and they want to play computer games, ask them what games they want to play and you can decide how long they play. For example,15 minutes or a half an hour of device time).

Once you have written down all the times, write down a schedule for your family to follow.

It can be difficult sharing a device.

If you are going to miss a class because another family member needs the computer, talk to your teacher  and they can work with you.

An example schedule looks like this:

You (Parent) Parent Older Child Young Child

Have class from

1- 2:30

3- 4:30

Also, you have 3 hours of homework

Has work from 8- 10 pm

Has online classes from 9-11 am

Also, has 1 hour of

homework to do

Wants to play website game.
Time Who is using it? Activity
8-9 am You (Parent) Homework
9- 11 am Older Child Online Class
11-12 pm You (Parent) Homework
1-2:30 pm You(Parent) Online Class
2:30- 3pm Young Child Play online games
3- 4:30 pm You (Parent) Online Class
4:30 - 5:30 pm Older Child Homework
7 -8 pm You (parent)  Homework
8 -10 pm Other Parent Work


How to Share Technology Devices at Home with a Partner/Husband/Wife

1. Write down when you need the computer for class and when they need the computer for class or work.

       a.      Ask yourself: Do both of you need a computer at the same time?

                     i. If you and your partner need the computer at the same time, talk to your teacher about it. Your teacher      can talk to you about work on Moodle that needs to be completed at a time that works for you.

                    ii. You can watch class recordings and ask your teacher any questions for things you do not understand.

        b.      If you only have one computer device, and your partner does not need the computer it during your class time – create a computer time schedule.

                        i. Always talk to your partner every day to make sure the times work for them.

                        ii. Example

Bob Jane

Bob has work from 9-12 on the computer

Jane has class from 1-4 pm on the computer.

Bob can use the computer after Jane from 4- 6 pm for work purposes

Jane can use the computer after Bob from 7-9 pm for homework


Citation and Referencing Help - Library Events

Monday and Wednesday - 2 to 3 PM                   Tuesday and Thursday - 6 to 7 PM

Citation Crash Course 

Evaluating Information 

Website Boot Camp 

Paraphrasing 101 


Tues May 19 

Wed May 20 

Thurs May 21 

Thurs May 28 

Mon May 25 

Tues May 26 

Wed May 27 

Wed June 3 

Thurs June 4 

Mon June 1 

Tues June 2 

Tues June 9 

Wed June 10 

Thurs June 11 

Mon June 8 

Mon June 15 

Tues June 16 

Wed June 17 

Thurs June 18 

Thurs June 25 

Mon June 22 

Tues June 23 

Wed June 24 

Link to the drop-in room:


Here’s a quick description of the topics we'll be covering:

  • Citation Crash Course – Struggling with figuring out the difference between an in-text citation and a reference citation? This workshop will give you a quick introduction to the basics of citation. APA and MLA questions welcome! 
  • Evaluating Information - Having a method to evaluate information in play keeps the fake news away! Learn how to DIY evaluation criteria as well as some library tips and tricks on how to determine whether a source is reliable and credible. 
  • Website Bootcamp – this session will show you the ins and outs of using the NorQuest College Library’s website – including searching for scholarly sources, how to find subject-specific databases, and how to use our research guides. 
  • Paraphrasing 101 – Learn how to paraphrase like a pro! This session will guide you through the 6 steps of paraphrasing. 

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