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Questions about Using Blackboard

How do I connect to Blackboard? 


You can connect from our home page ( through the links partway down the page:


You will be asked to log in to your NorQuest Moodle account before being taken to our page. Once there scroll until you see the BlackBoard links for tutorial help.



Can I connect to Blackboard on my phone? 


Yes! Blackboard Collaborate is mobile-friendly. Follow the same instructions listed above. 

What name should I use when I enter Blackboard? 


Please use your first name, and then the subject you are working on in parentheses.


For example: Cris (physics) or Sheema (English 10-2).


If we know what subject you are working on, it makes it easier for us to match you to the right tutor. 


Can people see and hear me?

 Your microphone and video will be turned off by default ( undefined ). Please be aware that you are in a room with other students should you choose to turn these on.


What if I am alone in the waiting room?

This is quite common. When you join our waiting room, you will not be able to see the breakout rooms our tutors/coaches are using to work with other students .

You are not alone, please use the raise hand button ( undefined ) to signal you need help. The number in the top right corner will tell you what number you currently are in line. 

We are working with other students and will be with you shortly!


How do I chat in in Blackboard 

The chat is in the purple Collaborate menu (), then the Chat button (). If messages pop up on the screen, you can also click on those to open the chat window right away. Be aware the "everyone" chat goes to ALL students and staff currently in the Tutorial Blackboard. 

I can’t hear anyone talking in Blackboard – what is wrong? 

There are a couple possibilities, and a couple things you can try 


1) What web browser are you using? Blackboard has problems working with Microsoft edge and Safari.

Google Chrome works best.


2) Make sure your computer or mobile devices’ volume is turned on If using a headset, try unplugging and plugging it back in.

3) Check if your Blackboard speaker volume is OK. To do this, click the purple Collaborate button (), then the Settings button () and check if the “speaker volume“ is OK – the slider should be at or near 100% . 


4) Try closing your browser and logging in again or turning your computer or device off, then back on again. You’d be surprised how often this works!


5) If nothing works, please contact technical support at or 1-780-644-6085. 

How do I share my screen? 

To share your screen with us, click the purple Collaborate button () then Share ().

You can then choose undefined 


Once there, you have 3 options to choose from:

1) Choosing the "your entire screen" options allows the Tutor-Coach to see everything that you see.

2) The application window option allows you to share your entire chrome window, or other applications open on your computer.

3) The chrome tab option allows you to specifically share only one chrome tab with the tutor. 


Important: if you do not click on the picture or name of your application- the share button will not light up. Please make sure you click on screen you want to show, then click the share button. 





How do I stop sharing my screen?  

To stop sharing your screen, click the stop buttonbeside the Share Application/Screen option. 


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How do I use the whiteboard tools?


If a tutor-coach has shared a whiteboard or a file with you, you can write on it using the buttons at the top.  


Click on the pencil and start writing using your mouse or finger (if on a mobile device). 





Click on the letter "T" and choose a place to start typing by clicking (or tapping if on a mobile device). 




How to Use Google Documents

How do I access Google Documents?  

  1. 1. Log into MyMail here. 


  1. 2. On the top right corner of your screen, click on the square with dots inside.

  2.  undefined


3. Scroll down the menu on your screen and click the Docs Icon 



4. To start a new document, click the Blank Document icon 



How do I Share a Google Document?  

  1. 1. When you want to share your document with a Tutor-Coach, classmate or instructor, click the share button on the top right corner of the of your screen 

  2. undefined


      2. Type their email in this box. 


       3. Once you type their email into the box, follow the next three steps. 

  1. Step 1 – make sure the word Editor is in the box. If it is not, click the down arrow and select Editor. 

  1. Step 2- Make sure the box ‘Notify People’ is checked. This will send an email to let them know that they have access to your document.  

  1. Step 3- Click Send. They will get an email and have access to type on your document. 

  1. undefined



       When an icon appears on the top right-hand corner like this: 




        That means the individual has gotten in successfully. 



How do I Download a Google Document?  

          Note: Google Docs are accessible with internet connection. If you would like to download your document       into a Microsoft Word file, complete the following steps:

            1. Click File at the top left hand corner.


           2. Click on Download. Then, click  Microsoft Word (.docx) 



               3. The document will download to your computer. Keep in mind : Sometimes, there are format changes   from Google Doc to Microsoft Word.  Format includes font, line spacing and title pages. Before you submit your work, remember to check if the Microsoft Word document format.


How do I save a google document? 


Google Documents will automatically save any changes you make to your document in real time. This means every time you type or delete something, the document saves itself.


The biggest problem people have with Google docs is not being able to find what you have made!


How do I save make sure I can find a document again? 


Make sure you give your document a descriptive title before you start.


Including a date when you made the document can also be helpful. Something like "My Resume May 2020" is a good title that will help you find this again later.



How do I find a google document? 


Google Documents save to the cloud, but where is that and how do you find it again later?

Taking the time to set up the Google drive for your Google account with appropriate folders can be a time consuming task. Luckily there are search functions built in the the suite to help you find what you have made!


There are 3 main ways to find your document:


First is the "Search" function at the top.

Second is the "Recent documents" at the bottom of the page.

Third is the "File picker" which opens up a browser tab for your Google drive.





How do I use the file picker? 


The file picker can be the most confusing method of finding your files and is usually only necessary if you are looking for an old file and you cannot remember exactly what you titled your document.


This method relies on you previously organizing your Google Drive by creating folders and moving like documents in to these folders. If you have never done this, you may find yourself scrolling through thousands of files looking for the right one.




Referrals to Other Departments

You can connect with a Tutor-Coach by using our live chat on the left side of our home page. Or come to our Blackboard drop-in through our Moodle page.

The NorQuest Librarians have made resources for citation and reference help:

APA Guide 

     -  APA Lesson Guide

MLA Guide 

For citation, reference and research questions, please click here to book an appointment with a Librarian.

Any further questions, you can Live Chat with them at , email 


Please visit the Accessibility Guide to book an Accessibility Intake meeting with a Navigator. Once you meet with a Navigator, you will then register you with Accessibility Services and will assist you with submitting the proper documentation. 

 If you have any further questions after the Accessibility Intake appointment, you can email .

Please visit the Student Guide to Accommodated Exams to book any test/quiz/exam with the Testing Centre.  Once you review the information, you will be able to book exams for in-person and online courses. 

 If you have any further questions about booking your test/quiz/exam with the Testing Centre, you can email (for Edmonton Campus) or for Wetaskiwin Campus.

You can access Read & Write from your Moodle page when you sign in.

How-to videos are available here: 

Yes – you can contact the librarians to request materials.

Live Chat with them at or email 

You can connect with your course instructor to request a laptop.  

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