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Career Development

Welcome to our Career Development Spotlight! Preparing for the world of work? The library has curated a great selection of job seeking tools, reading materials, databases, videos, and podcasts to support your career development, just in time for the upcoming Career Fair on March 9th

To learn more please visit the Career Centre's Resource page.

We welcome you to visit the Career Fair 2022 website, and to sign up for the Career Fair on this registration link.

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LinkedIn Learning for Students

Online educational videos for students-NQC Login

LinkedIn Learning for Staff

Online educational videos for staff-NQC Login

Cypress Resume

Online Resume Builder-NQC Login

Navigating the Interview

Resources to enhance hiring decisions and job interview skills-NQC Login


Industry Market Research, Reports, and Statistics.


Books from Library Catalogue (Login required.) 


Readings (Free! No login required.)



Podcasts (Free! No login required.)


(Free! No login required.)