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Protect your online safety and privacy

If you are concerned for your safety or believe that your online activity is being monitored, use the following tips to minimize the chances of someone knowing that you are researching information about topics such as domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking: Internet Browser Privacy Tips

How to Clear Your Internet Browser History

For more information on protecting your safety online, please visit the Technology Safety & Privacy: Toolkit for Survivors, created by the National Network to End Domestic Violence.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is a month dedicated to raising awareness of the impact that sexual violence is having on our communities, to highlight the need for support and services to those affected by sexual assault, and to encourage citizens to reflect on the harm that results from sexual assault and sexual violence and to take time to consider how we can educate ourselves and our communities to be safer and supportive of all members.

We can all contribute by challenging myths and stereotypes about victims, toxic masculinity that is harmful to men and boys, and attitudes and behaviours that normalize sexist jokes. Together, we must support gender equality efforts and ensure full understanding of what consent means. Although April is the month in which we raise awareness of this issue, we must work towards safer, healthier communities every month of the year.

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