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Emancipation Day

Black fist breaking through chains

[Emancipation day]. (2022). Retrieved from

While many Canadians know the history of the Underground Railroad, few are taught about this country’s 200-year history of enslaving people of African descent and Indigenous people. Emancipation Day marks the day when the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 became law across the British Empire on August 1st, 1834, officially ending the enslavement of millions of African people and their descendants in Canada and around the world. While the Canadian government formally recognized Emancipation Day in 2021, it has been celebrated by Black communities across Canada for many years. The history of the enslavement of Indigenous peoples and those of African descent in Canada should become a permanent part of our national story.

Smith, E. (2022 August 1). It's time for Canada to apologize for slavery, says N.S. senator. CBC News.


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