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What is Going on in Ukraine?

Welcome to our Ukraine resources guide! We've compiled some information on how to find reliable news information, and other resources to learn more about Ukraine and the current situation unfolding there. Please note that this is libguide is not meant to detract from other active global conflicts. Due to the weaponization of information that is occurring we have decided to focus specifically on the Ukraine conflict.

Arstockphoto. [Ukrainian Flag]. (2022). [Online image].

Acknowledgement: This guide was created by Camille Bultena and Sarah Inkster

Good Information, Misinformation, or Fake News?

With so much information being shared and published about the Ukraine-Russia conflict, it can be overwhelming to decipher what is credible, what is misinformation, and what is fake news. We've compiled some tools here that will better help you decide whether news information is credible. 


Wokandapix. [Fake News]. (2017). [Online image].


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