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Student Guide to Accommodated Exams

Use this guide as a reference for all your accommodated exam-related needs.

Watch this video or read the information below!

Is your video blurry? When you have the video playing, click on the gear picture (icon) on the black bar at the bottom of the video. This opens video settings. Click on 'quality' and choose a higher number, such as 720. 

How do I book or register my exam? Click on option A, B, or C below. Choose the option that best describes your exam.

Option A:>Click here on this link to book your in-person appointment at the Test Centre (Edmonton or Wetaskiwin)


Please note: If you are in an in-person course, your exams must also be written in-person (unless online testing is part of your accommodations). The Testing Centre provides a distraction reduced environment to write exams. Ear plugs are also available to all students. The individual rooms within the Test Centre cannot be requested, and are only guaranteed in cases where they are part of an approved accommodation from Accessibility Services.

Option B: Click here on this link to book your online appointment with a member of the Accommodated Exams team


Please note:

-While many students prefer writing exams from the privacy of their home, others may not have a space in their home that is safe, private, and distraction-free. If you would like to write your exam in-person at the Test Centre in Edmonton or Wetaskiwin, please book using the In-person Appointments booking link, above.

-If you are in an in-person course, your exams must also be written in-person (unless online testing is part of your accommodations).

Option C: Although you do not need to book an appointment, please click here on this link for more information. By registering your exam with us, you will get 5 business days to write your exam, and your accommodations will be set-up for you.

Deadlines for booking your exam

Students must book their exams at least 5 business days in advance of each exam.

We strongly recommend you book your exams as soon as you know exam dates from your instructor - the earlier you book, the more likely you will get the time and date that you prefer! At minimum, you must book your exams with Accommodated Exams at least 5 business days in advance of the day you need to write. This includes in cases where you want to re-book your exam for a different date/time. Business days are Monday to Friday (opening hours found here), which do not include weekends, statutory holidays, or days the college is fully closed.

Here are some examples, below.

  • You need to write your Midterm Exam on Monday. At the very latest, you must book your appointment by Monday of the week before.
  • You need to write your Unit 1 Test on Wednesday. At the very latest, you must book your appointment by Wednesday of the week before.
  • You need to write your Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday. At the very latest, you must book your appointment by Thursday of the week before.


Please note that your booking deadlines may be different for final exams. Please see the page in this Guide called "Important Information for Final Exams" for more information.


What happens if I don't book my exams at least 5 business days in advance? 

Booking your exam 5 business days in advance gives Accommodated Exam Services the ability to reserve your seat and prepare your accommodations. If you do not book at least 5 business days in advance, and the writing window set by your instructor has closed, you will not be able to write your exam with Accommodated Exams. Your instructor will be notified, and they will determine next steps with you. Please note that because you do not have a seat booked for your exam, this may be considered to be a missed exam by your program area.

Booking For In Person Exams - Video

Booking For Online Exams - Video