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Student Guide to Accommodated Exams

Use this guide as a reference for all your accommodated exam-related needs.

Watch this video or read the information below!

Is your video blurry? When you have the video playing, click on the gear picture (icon) on the black bar at the bottom of the video. This opens video settings. Click on 'quality' and choose a higher number, such as 720p. 

How do I prepare for my exam?

Exams written on a computer:

If you are writing a computer-based exam (or if you are using your computer at home to write an online exam), you must be able to use the computer and exam software independently. Also, make sure you have a stable internet connection if you are writing from home (if you do not have access to stable internet, please contact your instructor). Examples of common software used by your instructors for exams include Moodle, Microsoft Word, etc. Exam Administrators will not be available to provide technology support during your exam.

Important note: you can only use one monitor during your exams. If you have multiple monitors, you must disconnect them for the duration of your exam.


Assistive technology:

If you have assistive technology as an approved accommodation, you must be able to access and use this technology independently. Exam Administrators will not be available to provide technology support during your exam. Examples of Assistive Technology include Read & Write and Dragon Naturally Speaking. If you require additional Assistive Technology training, please visit the Accessibility Guide (link here).


If you are writing your exam online from home:

Make sure your computer has a stable internet connection, a working microphone, and webcam. Please check that these work before your exam day. If you anticipate your internet connection will cause problems during your exam, please let us know at the time of booking.


Plan your time!

  • Arrive 15 minutes early so that you have time to check-in before writing your exam. Arriving early is also a good way to stay calm and focused before your exam starts.
  • If you are late for your exam, you will not get additional time to complete the exam. When you write your exams with Accommodated Exam Services, you will follow the same late policy as your classmates. If you are not sure about your program area's late exam policy, please contact your instructor.

Note: If your exam is 2 hours long, for example, set aside at least 2.5 hours in your personal schedule; it is good practice not to schedule your exam appointment too close to other activities you might have scheduled for yourself that day. Your exam may not start right on time, or, if you are writing online, you may experience a technical issue that may increase the time it takes to complete your exam.

  • Please bring all required supplies to your exam. Examples include, headphones (if approved as an accommodation), pencils, pens, calculators, dictionary, batteries, any resources allowed by your instructor, etc. You can use earplugs for your exam.
  • And don't forget your NorQuest Student ID! You must show your ID when you check-in. We also accept any government issued photo ID.
  • If you are writing your exam online from home, make sure your computer has a stable internet connection, a working microphone, and webcam.
If you are writing in-person, you will not be allowed to write your exam if you have unsupervised children (under the age of 16) in the college with you. Also, children are not allowed in the Test Centre room with you. Please make any necessary arrangements for childcare prior to your exam appointment.
  • If you are paying for parking, please make sure to pay for whole time you are in your exam. Once you start your exam, you will not be able to leave to add more money to the meter.