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Student Guide to Accommodated Exams

Use this guide as a reference for all your accommodated exam-related needs.

Watch this video or read the information below!

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Final exams that occur at the end of term

NOTE: The information below is only for those students who have final exams that occur between these dates, listed below. If you have final exams during other weeks, please continue to book your exams as you normally would.


  • April 15-26, 2024


What is the deadline to book/register my final exams?


  • Sunday, March 24, 2024 is the deadline to book to for final exams occurring between April 15-26, 2024..


What if my final exams are unproctored/unsupervised, at home exams?

  • The dates above are the deadlines to submit the form found on this page (link here). For unsupervised, at-home exams, all you need to do is submit this form - there is no need to book an appointment. We will set-up your accommodations once we receive the form, and you can write the exam at home. Note: if you would rather write your exam in the distraction-reduced environment of the Test Centre, you are welcome to book an in-person appointment!


What happens if I don't book/register my final exams by the deadlines above?

  • You must book/register your final exams by this date so that we can save your spot and/or set-up your accommodations. If you do not book/register by the deadlines, you will write with your classmates on their exam day without your accommodations.
  • To help you remember these deadlines, Accommodated Exams will send email reminders to your MyNorQuest email account. We recommend that you book/register your final exams as soon as you know your exam window from your instructors. Please put these deadlines in your homework agenda or organizer so that you don't forget to book/register with us! If you need help booking/registering, please contact us at or stop by the Test Centre to speak to us.


WHEN will I write my final exams?

  • Just like your other exams, you will have a window of time in which to write your exam. Your window will be 5 business days at minimum. Your instructor will post the exam writing window within your course. If you are not sure about your window, please contact Accommodated Exams or your instructor for more information.


WHERE will I write my final exams?

  • Just like your other exams this term:
    • If your course is in-person, you will write your exam with us in-person.
    • If your course exams are online, you have options: a) you can choose to write your exam online, or b) you can choose to write in-person at the Edmonton or Wetaskiwin campus Test Centre should you need a safe, distraction-reduced space to write.
    • If your course is HyFlex, and you live within 100km of campus, you are required to write in-person at the Test Centre. If you live outside of Edmonton, you may write online.


Tips for a smooth final exam: planning ahead

We recommend that you book extra time in your personal schedule for your final exams. Final exam week is a busy time in the Test Centre, with close to 100 students writing their exams each day. Although we bring in extra staff to make sure we can seat students as fast as possible, it may mean that you may need to wait for a short period of time while we welcome each student. You will never lose time on your exam, but it may take longer than usual to ensure everyone is seated and comfortable.  Here is an example of how you can plan ahead:

  • You booked your exam from 9:00 am to 11.30 am on Monday June 19. You have also planned to show up at 8.45am to the Test Centre to make sure you have time to get settled. Even though your exam should end by 11.30am, it's possible it may run later than that if your exam started a bit late. You have made sure that you do not have any appointments until 12.30 pm so that you have time to complete your exam and transition to your next appointment/activity for the day.