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Student Guide to Accommodated Exams

Use this guide as a reference for all your accommodated exam-related needs.

Tutorial & Academic Coaching Services

Help is free and unlimited at Tutorial and Coaching Services! Meet with a tutor-coach in person or online. Visit to learn more! 

The friendly tutor-coach team can help you learn how to:

·       Check what you need to know for your test

·       Answer practice questions

·       Study using past quizzes, tests, and exams

·       Create and follow a study plan

·       Stay calm and focused before, during, and after a test


You can also explore this website on how to develop your test-taking skills.

Wellness Services- Centre for Growth and Harmony Workshop

The Centre for Growth and Harmony provides health and wellness support to students. They have created on online, self-paced workshop for how to manage test anxiety. Click here to view!