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Student Guide to Accommodated Exams

Use this guide as a reference for all your accommodated exam-related needs.

Watch this video or read the information below!

Is your video blurry? When you have the video playing, click on the gear picture (icon) on the black bar at the bottom of the video. This opens video settings. Click on 'quality' and choose a higher number, such as 720p. 

How To Use This Guide

Pick a question that you are curious about on the left column of the page (or from the top if you are viewing this on your phone). On each page, you can click on a topic to expand, and more information is provided.

If you prefer to watch a video instead of reading, there is a video posted at the top of each page as well.

In this guide, the word "EXAMS" means any kind of test, quiz, or exam. E.g. unit tests, midterm exams, quizzes, etc. 


Please note: if your only exam accommodation is 1.5 extra time, please do not book with Accommodated Exams. 
Did you know? Almost all exams at NorQuest have been adjusted to include extra time. This extra time provides you with your accommodation within the classroom setting. This extra time also supports students with disabilities who might not have a diagnoses and/or cannot get documentation for an accommodation. It also supports those with other barriers to learning. For more information, please see page 5 of this college procedure

Here is an example of how extra time is calculated:

Base Time  (the amount of time the test was designed to take)

Exam length with extra time added - whole class receives this time (1.5x or 50% extra time)

Exam length if you have Double Time (2x) as an accommodation

40 minutes 

1 hour  

1 hour and 20 minutes   

1 hour 

1.5 hours  

2 hours  

1 hour and 20 minutes  

2 hours  

2 hours and 40 minutes  

2 hours 

3 hours  

4 hours 

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us!