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APA 6th edition: E-books


Ebook from a library-subscription database 

Locsin, R. C., & Purnell, M. J. (2009). Contemporary nursing process: The (un)bearable weight of knowing in nursing. Retrieved from

Ebook entry or chapter from a library-subscription database 

Fitzgerald, J. A. (2003). Obsessive-compulsive disorder. In E. Thackery & M. Harris (Eds.), Gale encyclopedia of mental disorders (Vol. 2, pp. 685–691). Retrieved from


Ebook entry with no author from a library-subscription database 

Functionalism. (2001). In B. Strickland (Ed.), The Gale encylopedia of psychology (2nd ed., pp. 265–266). Retrieved from

Ebook from a website, NOT from a library subscription, full-text database 

Foster, H. D. (2006). What really causes MS. Retrieved from‌/0201hyglibcat/


Ebooks are cited using a DOI (digital object identifier) if there is one. If there is no DOI, cite ebooks from a database using the home page (entry page) URL of the appropriate NorQuest database provider below:

For ABC Clio:

Retrieved from

<For eBook Collection (EBSCOhost):

Retrieved from,uid&profile=ehost

<For Ebook Central (Proquest):

Retrieved from

For Gale Virtual Reference Library:

Retrieved from 

(NOTE: no retrieval date required)

*If you have to divide a URL between lines, split it BEFORE any punctuation and do not add a hyphen. (Publication Manual, p. 192)